About Cherrywood Center

Our property is located in the heart of Cherrywood, with a rich history since 1949.

Our History

Cherrywood Center is owned and operated by the United Methodist Church. The story of the space began in 1949 when a small congregation called Asbury broke ground on the community room, eventually adding a chapel and preschool and finally completing the sanctuary in 1957. The sprawling structure occupied the corner of a bustling intersection and drew young working- and middle-class families from the surrounding Cherrywood neighborhood.

In the early 2010’s, Asbury began hosting a young congregation called Servant Church. As Asbury’s membership began to decline and Servant Church’s community began to grow, the decision was made to transfer stewardship of the building to Servant Church. Servant Church worked in and with the Cherrywood community developing relationships with neighbors and tenants for more than a decade. 

A Community Shift

In spring of 2022, when Servant Church decided to close their doors after 11 years of meeting as a community, the direction of the space shifted again.

The New Cherrywood

Today, Cherrywood Center is stewarded by a small team of dedicated individuals working to create space for Austinites looking for affordable places to gather people together. 

We are dedicated to using this space as a resource to amplify the work and relationships of the Cherrywood community.

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More About Our Tenants

Austin Justice Coalition

Austin Justice Coalition

Austin Justice Coalition is a grassroots, activist-led organization addressing criminal justice reform as well as economic and social justice at the local level.

Austin Justice Coalition also plans to meet local community needs, empower and enlighten community stakeholders, mentor youth and young adults, as well as increasing political involvement in minority and underrepresented communities throughout Austin.

Spilled Milk Social Club

Spilled Milk Social


Spilled milk social club (smsc) is a school-aged program whose primary goal is to provide an environment for young people wherein they may explore creativity and the arts from myriad perspectives. The founders of spilled milk social club each have extensively diverse experiences working with kids, and have come together, combining their super-forces to not only provide summer and after-school care for Central Austin families, but have also built a curriculum rich with thought provoking activities to encourage (for each child) the realization of their most prominent philosophy: EVERYONE HAS THE CAPACITY TO BE CREATIVE.

Church at East

Church At East Austin


The Church at East is a community of believers in Austin, Texas who are learning to live out the Kingdom of God through the fabric of relationships, restoration and gathering. We welcome and celebrate everyone — inclusive of their race or ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental ability or marital status. We invite everyone to fully participate in all aspects of our worship and community as they continue to grow into their full selves.

We meet at 10:30am for our Sunday Gatherings. Apart from Sunday services, we offer kids’ programming, small groups, book studies, and monthly get togethers. We invite you to come live life with us!